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Private jet flights and whole industry

Analysts and people from the industry suggest that when we spend less than 200-300 hours a year in the air, the purchase of a private plane is unprofitable. This involves disproportionate maintenance costs in relation to the actual savings on intermediary fees, logistics, landing fees and the work of the entire crew. To this must be added the costs of hangaring and insurance of the aircraft.

Usually, owners of private aircraft and private jet flights, in order to reduce maintenance costs, decide to rent or charter an aircraft. Unfortunately, this involves the need to have an AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate).

Plane rental? This pays off for private jet flights?
Currently, there are many private companies, private jet flights on the market that offer the service of renting an aircraft or carrying out a flight on the ordered route. In addition, it is possible to charter a group aircraft, which is ordered together with other co-passengers.